Whoah. I am buzzed. Sugar buzzed. That's what happens when fewer kids come around for Halloween than you anticipate.

This weekend looks like it is going to be a blur of goodbye dinners with friends. Olive Garden tonight. The Keg tomorrow. I've been working hard in the last couple of weeks at visiting all my favorite non-Asian restaurants (as I shall be getting my fill of Asian food - no complaints there), and this weekend should round it out nicely. And the last Bomber game of the season tomorrow. Means nothing for the standings, but it will be fun to sit in the cold and see Khari Jones go for the "most touchdowns in a season" record. Of course, he is from California, so the cold seems to back him off a little.

What sucks is that I am going to miss all of the playoffs. Although last time I was in Japan, I did know of a foreigners bar where Canadians could get together (at 9 am) to watch CFL games, so I will have to track it down again. And I hear that they show the CFL on ESPN 2 so maybe somebody will have the right satellite package.

Maybe I should just put less effort in to sports. Last time we were there, I was so determined to watch Michael Jordan get beat by the Jazz (didn't happen) that I went down to an electronics superstore at the right time of the morning and stood in front of one of the display TV's for two and a half hours to watch the game. You know, the whole time I don't remember seeing a salesman, but the next day when I showed up again, a chair had been placed exactly in front of the television I had watched the game on the previous day. How's that for Japanese hospitality!