I haven't introduced any new bloggers for while - likely because I have hardly been reading any blogs in the last month. But now the high speed connection is up and my cyber friendships are getting re-established.

Anyway, two blogs I will be watching closely in the days to come. One is Mike Todd. I noticed that he doesn't have an "about me" section on his blog (and then I noticed that I don't either), so I don't know much about him, but I intend to find out more. I know he is from Toronto, which we are ok with if he avoids all Winnipeg weather jokes.

And also my cousin Ron Janzen. He is about ten years older than me, and used to take me around on his motorbike. That's about all I can recall. Anyway, he's now a family-man living in Steinbach and posting some interesting quotes and commentary. And he's smart, real smart. So don't over there with brain disengaged.