Ok, someone is searching "naked fat men" and my blog is coming up. What's that about?? My true self, perhaps??

Anyway, in a unrelated story, Andrea is here and doing well. Simon is sleeping more normally now, and not waking me up in the middle of the night pulling on my ears and saying, "dance! dance!" So that is good, because for the time being I am working like a Japanese salary-man, out the door at 7am and home at 10pm. I don't think I have worked this hard since my farm-boy days. And I feel that work-allergy acting up again. The family-on-weekends-only phase should be over by January, but it sure is giving me a window into how much of the rest of the country lives. I don't know if I have ever lived life where everything revolved completely around pulling a paycheque. Don't want to either.

I would love to post some pictures of what is going on over here, but I don't have an account at home yet, so I don't have any room in cyber-space where I can post some pictures. I tried for three hours the other day to set something up on geocities, only to find that they won't let me link pictures from this site to that one. Freaks.

Soon enough though.