I have to point you to another song by a friend here in the city. The song is Soul by Colleen Kwade. She has a soothing folky voice that I love. And it's a great song too. Lyrical sampling:

You seem austere but in the sky
I see the color of my children's eyes
In everything that might be plain or commonplace
Your spirit lies

Oh, and another local guy whose CD hasn't left my player since I got it is Greg Macpherson. Go to the media section of his page (www.gregmacpherson.com) and listen to Slow Stroke, but go quick because I think he changes it all the time. Watch to see if he puts up Numbers because that one is the best one. Or buy his CD. Yeah, buy his CD... and mine too... and Colleen's... go on a Winnipeg music shopping binge.

Ok, I know, enough shameless self-promotion...