Sometimes I wish I had more html ability. Two friends of mine recently wrote the most brilliant song, and I can't figure out how to make it downloadable without waiting the three weeks it takes to make it available on mp3.com. Anyway, it's an Andrew Smith song, with lyrics by his wife, Tami. It is a metaphor of the mental/spiritual struggle you go through when saying yes to God means walking through a barren desert. I have never heard it communicated better. But you can't hear the scratchy version I have until i can figure how to post it. Until then, here is a sampling of the lyrics:

For a moment feels so good, I'm floating free
But the current and these clothes are against me
Body weakens, mind races; I'm far at sea
Nobody hears me

Now I fight to find the surface
Will my lungs explode
Heavy water pushing into me
Your hand reaches in rescue
Then melts away
Now I'm drowning...

Ah! You really have to hear it. In the meantime, Andrew has another amazing song called Dance of Falling Down. It's at his site (in my links). Give it a listen.