I was watching the Cosby today and I noticed how cynical our culture is now as compared to then. These days the "Theo moment" that ended just about every Cosby show would likely be mocked off the screen. I admit I find it corny too, but I wonder if that is good thing. Cynicism is so easy. But the critic who is nothing more is uninspiring. It is a pretty safe and unchallenging thing to knock down, but way more risky, and impressive, to build up.

But I guess often our cynicism has been aimed at easy answers that most of us know to be false. Good Ideas have too often proven hypocritical and empty, and it leaves us feeling burned. So if you are a seeker of Truth, what's the response?

My hunch is that for both the believer and unbeliever the answer begins with brutal honesty. To approach our relationships, with people and God, being up front about what we are certain about, and what is still only grey. Really, a staunch athiest is being as dishonest as an unquestioning fundamentalist. Both attitudes leave you stranded far from what is true because they assume they already have the complete answers.

I think this is why I am so captured by the idea of being "real". Being real means being honest. And honesty means you sincerely want to know what is True; you're not satisfied with what you know may be comfortable illusions. Honesty in your spirit leads you to become a seeker of Truth. Jesus said that these days God is looking for worshippers who worship in spirit and truth. Is this what he meant?