Back to Winnipeg

Back to Winnipeg

Here's the gun I polish everyday
When the day is slow
Slow like Hemingway
Then the glow down in the basement
Messed with the goverment
What kind of world is this
Kind of crappy anyway
Kind of crappy anyway

I got a class in origami
Folding big A3's
'Cause I don't really need
To get a dosage of reality
From an anime
On a big screen plasma TV
A big screen plasma TV

So I say,

Hey, hey, hey
I got a feeling if I don't leave now I might be here to stay
Hey, hey, hey
That's it, Back to Winnipeg

This view of life is all that I can see
Live from a train window
At least primarily
I'm rushing on to the next fantasy
Put on my holy robe, get my cheque, and I leave
This cheque ain't make believe

I got a copy of the Bushido
But it's just sitting there
Because it's just for show
But I know that don't really matter though
Because it's all a show
We talk a lot more than we actually know
That's just the way we roll...

So I say...