What I appreciate about reading stuff by Tom Sine is the way he collects stories about people around the world who are being really deliberate about walking out the Kingdom of God. For me, the anecdotal stuff is usually a good deal more inspiring than the theoretical.

There are a few people who I have watched perform radical acts - of generosity, courage, and other kinds of sacrifice. These people strate the kind of action that makes me say, "Wow, it can be done. You really can live that way."

You hear a lot about fitting Jesus in to the place where you work, but one guy I know saw it the other way around. He began spending time with some very broken people here in our city. He was taken by the way he was discovering the goodness of God in the low places, and realized he wanted to be there more. He quit his decent-paying, secure job (as an accountant) and found a job working with the Salvation Army, taking care of down-and-out people who have had a mental breakdown. A lot of people would look and him and think, "what are you doing..." but my hunch is that for him, the whispers of the Kingdom are getting a lot louder.

The other person I have never met, but I have heard about her. Apparently she is a nurse, and single. She determines to put a good portion of her salary away every year, to use in the Third World. Then she books off a couple months of holidays, takes the money over there (I think it is India) and spreads it our where there is need. Even a portion of a North American salary goes a long way in the Third World. I think she even built a school over there. Wow. She's not famous, but I'll bet she's well-known in heaven.