All these concerts are a lot of fun, but I do feel a little like I am starting over again. There is quite a big difference between leading worship in a Sunday-morning setting, and doing a more performance oriented concert (well, in some ways it is different; in others quite similar...).

I remember the first morning I ever led in our church. I was pretty green and nervous, but I was backed by my good friend Brian, an experienced drummer. At one point in the set I had been playing a song for a while, when I looked across the stage to see Brian mouthing the words, "You suck!" I was already feeling bad enough about myself and couldn't belive he was adding this to it. I mouthed back, "What??" Him again, "You suck..." pointing at me with his drums sticks, "YOU SUCK!" I was getting a little steamed thinking this was really not the time and not very funny at all until he finally said it out loud, and it all made sense, "NEW SONG!!"