I know I might be beating this one to death (I think I've blogged about it at least twice before) but may I again shout and holler about how much I love the song Holy War by Andrew Smith. It's like an anthem for anyone who has become weary of and departed from all the dictates and commands of illegimate institutional control ( I know, that's vague... so is the song).

Holy War

You�ve all drunk the depths of spiritual pleasure
You�ve all become addicted to the song of ghosts
You get so easily waylaid by the sirens and the weather
And all those things that you fear the most

Yeah, we are the ghosts within your machine
Within the fog of our ambition
Searching for a language of the soul
Much more so than any unifying creed or militant message
And we�re hard to hold, like fog people
As we search for a reason to waste our lives

I don�t want to fight in your Holy War
How can I defend myself anymore?
I don�t want to live in your us and them world
God knows there is only us

You say we stumble like the damned trying to touch it and I know
I know we stammer like fools
Struggling to articulate the inexpressible wonder
All the beauty in this broken mirror
These are the signs, and these are the pains of the hunger
The very mark of our ascendancy
As we rise to that table, to that feast prepared
For the least of these fog people
Tasting a reason to waste our lives