...the Missionaries told them that everything they had ever heard from God, everything that they had ever done to worship God, and in fact everything that God had made of their identity, was evil. They decided that instead of studying the culture and finding out what was good and right, and what was questionable, they would make a blanket statement that everything was ungodly. This legacy holds true today on our �Christian� reserve, even to the point where some parents have told the schools that they don�t even want their children hearing Cree, �cause it�s evil.

From Derek Eidse way up in Norway House. What amazes me is that the people would actually go for it. You make me ponder hard questions, Derek.

Here's a map of Manitoba. Can you find Norway House 9look in the middle)? Some of you might need this map of Canada. Can you find Manitoba (middle again)?

...hmmm and just in case, here's a map of North America. Can you find Canada (look up, waaay up)?