I am moved (and a little haunted) by this parable I have been reading and re-reading in the last little while. It's from Matthew 20, the one about the owner of the vineyard giving the same pay to those who work all day as those who come near the end of the day.

I guess what strikes me is the response that God wants from us. The selfish response is, "Hey, I worked more, I should get more money than those other guys". The response, so foreign to us, that God is looking for is more like "Wow. What look at that grace and kindness. He gave them full pay even when they didn't deserve it! I want to be like that."

We want "justice", but God is demonstrating mercy.

I have real trouble at times rejoicing in good things that happen to others when it appears to be at my expense. But I am so quick to forget all the kindness and goodness God has shown me. It's such a long journey learning the rhythms and nuances of unconditional Love, me with this nasty me-first nature.

But I have to admit, it's getting better. It's a little better all the time.