Daniel Miller has an article over at Seven magazine where he points to all kinds of good music available on the net. That got me looking around at old favorites of mine as well:

Nathan - Band from Winnipeg that is on their way up. Keri McTighe, lead-singer, has a gorgeous voice. The song to listen to is .Australia

Whitelock - Band from Vancouver. Fall is an amazing song.

The Ancestors - New York band. I have only heard one song, but I like it plenty. Sounds like neo-Lou Reed.

Blimp - Sometimes you get lucky and find a good one at mp3.com. Who's Laughing Now is a good song.

Jennifer Marks - She writes this ballad called Fragile that has the saddest chorus.

And here is the website for Radio I. It is one of the things that is getting me excited about getting to Japan. It is a good sized station in Nagoya where a friend of mine works. He is the afternoon DJ and well-connected into the musical life of Nagoya. So I am looking forward to continuing with music and touring over there. Heck of a lot easier to tour in Japan, where I will have five massive cities within a four hour drive. Compared to Canada where you play one small city and then drive 12 hours to the next one.