I am cleaning up my desk today and I found two things that were juxtaposed in such a way as to get me thinking. First I found my year book from university. It got me all nostalgic and thinking of how I would like to head back to the institutions for some more of that "higher learning". Then I found a sort of journal entry I had written on a legal pad that reminded me of the tenous balance between theory and practice; I haven't thought about it much for awhile, but that struggle was a big deal to me in those days:

Anytime something takes our focus off of the acting out of grace, the demonstration of the Christ kind of Love, the forceful advancement of the Kingdom behins to lose momentum. Historically, I believe I can see where theological pursuits have become so singularly intellectual and divorced from the radical self-sacrifice of Christian Love, that the Kingdom of God in that sphere grinds to a halt altogether. It would seem to me that the wisdom of God is again the opposite of what seems so wise to us - to the point where the kindly lady who has no intellectual depth of understanding regarding theological things , yet whose heart is turned by compassion to, say, taking care of orphans, is much closer to the Kingdom than the professors in the seminaries whose head-truth is never allowed anywhere near their hearts.