Well, I am back. For a guy who loves traveling, I sure hate the actual travel part of travelling. Driving - I hate it. Flying - makes me throw up - literally. Ship - sick again. Ricksha is about the most enjoyable transpodtation I have experienced.

Coming out of Alberta, the Flames game was the talk of the province. Some idiot at the hockey game decided he wanted to do the naked streak thing across the ice. Problem was, he misjudged how slippery the ice was, totally wiped out, and smacked his head on the ice. So he is lying unconcious on the ice, in all his naked glory, until the trainers take pity on him, throw a towel over his midsection, and drag him off on a stretcher. Now that's entertainment.

And could some American football fan please explain to me the problem with Terrell Owens great offense?? I was listening to an American sports show on the way home, and by how incensed they were, you would have thought he had killed someone or something. It was a freakin endzone celebration! To me such actions don't "threaten the tradition and integrity of the sport". I mean lighten up. It's a game. It's entertainment. Owens was entertaining. You'd think Owens was messing with the national religion... hmmm.

Didn't endzone celebrations used to be allowed?? I seem to remember Ickey Woods doing his shuffle.