I just watched a short thing about a couple adopting from Russia, and wow, does that whole adoption thing move me. I was thinking how in the previous post it said that the reputation of Christians was as those who take care of orphans. The Bible so regularly speaks of concern for the orphans. Wouldn't it make sense then, that among Christians adoption be a regular, common occurence - almost expected. I can't think of too many expressions of the kindness of God that are as holistic and as sustained as adoption. Right now I can admit to being a little torn as to knowing whether our next child should be biologically our own or adopted, but I do feel that somewhere in our future will be some adopted children. In my life I can remember hearing some criticism of people who "mix" families, having both biological and adopted kids, but I don't buy that. I have seen too many examples where the benefits far outweigh the difficulty of the challenges.

Foster care is another awesome option right here in Canada. I have met people who open their homes to kids from bad family situations and are able to shine such light in a dark situation. Wouldn't it be something if Christian homes were known for being centers of foster care.

And hey, if you want to join in with God's heart for the "fatherless", here is a starting point.