4. Isn't violence always part of society?

How are you going to change anything? Some forms of violence have indeed always been part of our society. Always! But without the efforts of peacemakers that violence could be more vicious or transform itself into crusades of violence as occurred in Christianity during the Middle Ages. Our experience is that violence can be disarmed with the witness to peace, truth, love and justice. The willingness to give life instead of taking life is very powerful. In this Christ is the example.

BASRAH, IRAQ - CPT Reservist Killed in Iraq, Delegates Injured, in Highway Rollover

The Biblical injunction to "love your enemies" (Matthew 5:44-45) is often deemed "unrealistic." It is certainly "unrealistic" to think we can successfully seal off an entire country to terrorist attacks. Indeed our most realistic hope for safety comes from working to make sure that everyone in the world community is treated fairly and being just as willing to give our lives in pursuit of loving the enemy as the terrorists were willing to give their lives to kill the enemy.