Here is my mystery of the day. I was back checking out Warren Kinsella's blog (no, I just can't get enough), and he has the following to say:

A blogger somewhere out West noted that the Elliott Anderson entry disappeared, which was true. He suggested that he had something to do with that, which wasn't. Here's what was sent to him:

We took it down because Elliott Anderson's hatred didn't deserve any further exposure. After Bourque linked to it, 60,000+ folks got to see Elliott attempt to take partisan advantage of a man's death. That said all that needed to be said about Elliott

Here at www.warrenkinsella.com, we subscribe to the Kennedy clan maxim: forgive your enemies. But never, ever forget. Ever.

Google is a big help, in that regard.

So here is the mystery: Am I the blogger "somewhere out west"? I did mention the taking down of the post, but I didn't receive any message like the one they quoted. But they were so locationally vague that I just can't get any closure on this. I mean it's keeping me up nights.

Two possible reasons for the lack of information:

1. These are Liberals so they are only vaguely aware that there is a western Canada,

or 2. They are lumping me in with the Elliot Anderson's of the world, as one who's hatred does not deserve any exposure.

Damn. Any press is good press.