Earlier today I was having very similar thoughts with regard to Avril Lavigne being the "anti-Britney", the standard-bearer of depth and lyrical honesty. It screams of the "Image is Nothing" Sprite hypocrisy.

From and article by Mark at Phuture.

...Give people ways to express their rebellion that change nothing, that keep oppressive systems in place, and nothing will change.

Marilyn Manson rips up a bible on stage, the typical areas of society react, their reaction causes there to be media interest ensuring that Manson's album becomes a best seller.

The giant corporation that is behind Marilyn Manson's label gets bigger and a smaller group of rich men go from being filthy rich to extremely filthy rich. Teenagers and youth buy Manson's album, thus venting youthful desire to be radical and rebellious and every body wins...

...The resigned consumer is a marketeers dream. This new target audience gives birth to the strange new false dialogue found in such advertising campaigns as the Sprite soft drink commercials...