I was reading through my blog archives and realizing that I used to put a lot more heart into my posts. I used to be a lot more deliberate about sharing my heart and such. But lately I haven't felt like I have much to say. So what do you do when you no longer have much to say? Release a Greatest Hits album!

So here are my Blogging Greatest Hits Volume 1 (2002, as chosen by me):

The Root of Poverty?

Shout to the Road

"Real" Worship

God's Celebrities

Extreme Confidence

Head-Turning Faith

George Bush's Favorite Philosopher

Foundational Scripture

Dostoevsky's Hell

Spaghetti Joy

Faith or Works?

Gigantic Foster Quote

Kingdom Investment

Big Brother and the Institution

The Ultimate Warrior

The New Roman Empire

Translate Software No Working

Prayer and Control

Fundamentalism, Left and Right

I Need the Poor