Alan Creech is thinking some interesting thoughts about church meetings and why we do them. I added this comment:

I have a friend who speaks about many a Christian's relationship to the institutional church in terms of codependence. He figures it is like an addiction that, unless we get in that two hours on Sunday am, we have done something wrong, and God is getting nervous about us. So he figured that the way to deal with a codependent relationship is to leave it - to find out what it means to be a Christ-ian.

I see a lot of people doing that lately, and I don't think it is too threatening. I think it's a very good thing to work out for yourself what it means to follow Jesus rather than simply attending church. I don't think it means the end of meetings. I just think that when these people start "meeting together" again, their meetings will serve the relationships rather than them serving the meeting machine.

I know that is a cheap and easy way to fill a blog but... well...