An email today alerted me to the fact that I have never explained the reason for the nickname "Fatblueman" here. Here is the response I sent...

Here is the Fatblueman. My sister painted this little icon for me when I was in Japan. At the time my wife and I were totally isolated from anything "church" so we were quickly learning what it was to be followers of Christ rather than only church-goers. At the time, I realized about myself and my society that we are "fat" and "blue", overfed to the point of immobility, and bored to tears. But deep inside there somewhere was the spark of Love that leads us to live with passion.

My sister thought, sheesh, that was a lot of meaning for a sketch that took her 10 minutes to create.

Anyway, I named the first little demo I did "Reflections from Deep Inside a Fat Blue Man". And the name kinda stuck.