I am heading out the door to begin our trek across Saskatchewan to Andrea's high school reunion. I will be posing as her rich and ultra-successful husband as the truth just hurts too much...

In the meantime, for your entertainment, here are the lyrics from a cheezy country song I wrote:

The Drive North (An Autobiographical Nursery Rhyme)

Feeble in attempts to grasp a hold of something more
Looking forward only to find less of what I looked for
Even points between had changed their look from where I do
Balance on the axis of a spinning sort of �what is true�

�True� is what they point you to, and then is what you see
And �True� has charged a lot for what I thought I had for free
And �True North� is so hard to find, aiming at poles that move
Perhaps a misdirection �cause I know that I can prove
That polar is apart about as far as you can go
And polar is the place with all the cold and all the snow
And polar is finality with nowhere left to turn
And polar is the place you go to freeze, not to burn

I still love the journey but the pole becomes the end
�Cause if I keep on going then I�m heading south again
And what�s the point of heading south if North is where you�re going
Until my ever-squinting eyes can see it�s warm and it�s stopped snowing
And the sun is shining, and it�s not cold here anymore

Layers now are coming off and searching I can see
A little bit more clearly to the core of �what is me�
And I guess I�ve changed direction, I guess I�ve lost my aim
But I�ll not tell my destiny �cause it�s not got a name