Oh, and an audio version of that song is at www.mp3.com/neac. It was an album we did a while back. Some explanation from the liner notes:

This CD began as a project of the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard School of Justice. It grew out of desire to give a voice to those in our community and our society who would normally be left unheard. We offer these songs as a reflection of our community; we are from different social, racial and economic backgrounds, but Jesus brings us together, Jesus makes us one. And through this, Jesus demonstrates to us his kingdom. He whispers to us that we should listen to the small voices, the ones being drowned out by the noisy processions led by the priests of a thousand other gods. He shows us that those with no fixed address have a lot in common with Him, and so, we want to get to know these people, the princes and princesses of the kingdom.

Jesus, we are driven by your whisperings, and we thank you for this rooftop.