It's amazing how a song can bring such an emotional response in a person. Here's a song that does that for me, again and again. It's called Prodigal Daughter by Andrew Smith. And I feel like I should of written this one. It expresses my heart so closely.

Prodigal Daughter
Andrew Smith

I see her wander �round
Princess without her crown
Stumbling and falling down
beneath her burden
She�s floating through my town
A bride without a gown
Passing her heart around
to numb the hurting

She�s scared of coming home
She�s been so long alone
She sat upon her throne until it crumbled
And now she�s got to choose
She�s nothing left to lose
She�s battered and she�s bruised
and feeling humbled
and saying her prayers to anyone

Who is her brother?
Who is her keeper?
Where is her lover?
Can anyone reach her?
A cup of cold water
in the name of the father
I�m sending a letter
to the prodigal daughter

Now where is the reward
for all the ones who mourn
for those who suffer scorn
and have no father
Maybe the blessed are cursed
Maybe the last are first
Maybe the ones who thirst
will find the water

Her lover sees inside
He sees with lover�s eyes
He sees a radiant bride
with passion burning
Everything upside-down
Her rags become a gown
Her scars become a crown
at the returning
and I�ll sing my song for you baby

� 1997 Remnant Records