I was just doing some web searching about the North End that reminded me of an affectionately self-deprecating joke one my students told me. Of course you understand that you can only tell this joke or even laugh at it if you are from the North End, otherwise someone from here will likely come and kick your @#$%...

Two guys from the North End show up at the gates of heaven. St. Peter sees them and gets kinda nervous and figures that he'd better run this one past God before letting them in. So he goes to God and says,

"Umm, God, there are these two guys at the door and I don't know if I should let them in or not..."

"What's the problem??" says God.

"Well, they are from the North End."

"Peter. Come on. You know I love all my children. Get back there right now and let them in."

Peter returns to the gates but moments later comes running back to God yelling,

"Lord, they're gone! They're gone!!"

"Why did they leave? Did you offend them?"

"No, no! The Gates!!"