Asked AKMA this question:

Is it fair to say that many American Christians do see America as an OT style, "nation of God"?

He said:

Well, probably yes and no.

A particular visible slice of the US population does indeed seem persuaded that the US is so righteous and noble a nation that they should feel free to act as a kind of leg-breaker for God�fs will as it has been revealed to the President.

Probably most US citizens, though, simply neglect to distinguish their allegiances to God and country. They would not go so far as to think specifically of the US as a modern Israel (in the sense of an anointed nation uniquely commissioned to enact God�fs will), but they would largely assume that US civic ideals cohere with God�fs will in a way that justifies the US acting out the role of an enforcer to the Christian virtues of liberty, equality, and fraternity, the Christian goals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. (That last bit was not meant to be taken literally.)

Then many US citizens don�ft know or think much about Christian theology and ethics except as a sort of liberal ideology with God tacked on at the end. They would probably, in general, oppose the war on the grounds that the US is acting against its own best and wisest founding principles, or that war is not healthy for children and other living things. And, like, Jesus was against war.

And then some Christians just flat-out understand themselves to be citizens of no earthly dominion, and that their lives must reflect, to the extent that they can manage it, the non-violence and ministry of reconciliation that led Jesus to a cross rather than an armed rebellion
[editors note: ooo, well said].

I�fm oversimplifying and leaving somme folks out, but in a short compass, that�fthe way the scene looks to me.

And he says some good things on Jesus' interaction with the centurion as well...