If you are going to rant, you should do it like this:

So I'm watching Survivor the other night... like you do... and the Christian lady (there's always a Christian and a Homo -- It's the rules) doesn't dissappoint in completely making all Christians look like horrible ridiculous idiots. Since she succeedes in removing Christ-likeness from her Christianity she will be henceforth referred to as the "xn lady" instead of "Christian lady" (people use it as an abbreviation on many bulliten boards anyway...). Let's recap the show:

1) Her tribe wins the immunity idol and that night she starts talking about how she doesn't want the wooden figure in the camp because idol worship is forbidden in Christianity.

my opinion:
Xn lady, no one asked you to worship it. You're not bowing at it's feet or giving sacrifices to it. Speaking of idol worship though, the only freakin' reason why you're starving yourself and going through this whole experience is to win a million dollars. I'd be a little more concerned with that whole thing instead of worrying about a wooden doll.