Haven't felt like blogging much as I have been pretty busy. Andrea was admitted to the hospital a couple of days ago. They are not exactly sure what is going on, but they are keeping her in and doing some tests to find out. It's a little weird because results could be anywhere from not serious at all to fairly serious. So Simon has to put up with the care of his scattered Dad. Don't tell mom, but we are surviving on crackers and brown bread (must get to the store) and the pile of dishes in the kitchen... yikes! It's getting so big it depresses me. I'm sure if I just ignore it, it will go away.

My spirits were greatly lifted a couple nights ago by the midnight surprise of a visit from my friends, Andrew and Tami Smith. We stayed up til three and and ordered Chinese food and talked and talked. Andrew was getting in to the idea of how the church structures we build are often not neutral as we may think they are, but instead the structure itself has a huge propensity to do evil. The structures can war against relationship and increase spectatorism in a way that is contrary to our most foundational values. Anyway, he sounds a lot like Dave Andrews in his book from a few years back, Building a Better World.