Ok, I've taken this Japan net-surfing thing too far, but I did find out some interesting things about us western men:

1. Western men consider the sexes to be equal and, as a result, they are willing to share household chores. Western men are kind and openhearted, they are willing and able to express their love for their wives and they will continue to love and cherish their wives as they grow old.

2. Western men clearly express their opinions and intentions with words and always make decisions after fully discussing the issues with their wives. Japanese women feel these traits make it easier for them to understand their husbands and will also allow them to feel relaxed and to act naturally in the presence of their husbands.

3. Western men care dearly about their families and their lifestyles are centered around their families.

4. Western men are tall, strong and handsome.

No, really. Check for yourself. It has to be true; I found it on the internet.