I guess I am just going to have to learn the language. I have been experimenting with online translation software, and it has a long way to go. Here is a message my friend sent me. His English is poor and my Japanese is poor, we conversed in the international language of food. So for email he tried out an online translator:

Hello It is HIOKI. It is a long time truly. Does it live on you energy? I congratulate a baby on birth from the heart. The baby who was looking forward to it thinks a very dear thing. My family is very fine. I am doing the car dealer which is not profitable as usual -- but -- He is enjoyed very much. Is he enjoyed although John also thinks that work is busy? Although many things to talk still more occur, since this text is sent with translation software, it is anxious in whether it is an unclear text.

John -- and please live from the heart forever fortunately with a new family's baby. -- Coming out again -- !!!

You too Hioki! I think that is good advice for anyone - live from the heart forever fortunately. I think I'll start signing my letters that way...