I heard someone talking about delegating responsibility a while ago. They said that sometimes delegation is giving to someone else what God gave you to do. I think that sort of sentiment lies at the core of my lack of energy for institutional church and contributes to my tendency toward a sort of Christian anarchism (I am being very specific about it being Christian anarchism, as history shows that the kind that doesn't embrace a transcendant divine love gets real ugly real fast).

We must ask God, with all the honesty we can muster, to communicate what he has for us to do. Once he reveals that, true leadership is not to try to get a bunch of other people to do what he told you, but to do it yourself. The anarchist in me says leave the followership up to God. There are others out there who he is speaking the same things to. And you will find your tribe.

And there will be plenty of others who aren't doing it your way. They might be wrong, or they might just be different. In any case, it's not your call. Listen to them, and let their light increase your own, but you are not called to be them. Obedience to God demands that you do what he's given you to do.

I hope I'm not wrong, or else I should be spending a lot more time in church.

And I know this was vague and cryptic. It likely should have been a poem.