It's been a while since I really liked a worship song, but this one by Tim Hughes, Here I Am To Worship, is really catching me. I always find it a curious thing when simple song can carry so much power. The lyrics say nothing really new, but there's just something there. Hmmm.

And I hear that Brian Doerksen has a new one out, You Shine. Has anyone heard it? I am interested to see if he sounds any different now that he's doing stuff with Hosanna Integrity instead of Vineyard music.

And two of my buddies, who are no slouches when it comes to writing a worship tune, have new ones coming out. David Ruis has one from FOTB called Wide Wide World; and Eoghan Heaslip, Dublinish worship-master extraordinaire, has one coming out, but I don't know what it's going to be called. He did one with Ruis a while ago called Powerscourt 2000, and it's a good one.

Tonight Kim McMechan and I are doing a little folky concert at CMU (Canadian Mennonite University). We will be singing... but no dancing... hahahahaha...