Well, we got some big news and I was kinda holding off on it because we weren't sure which way it would go. But now it looks like it will be a go, so....

We are going to go back to Japan. A friend of mine phoned from Japan a couple days ago with the ultimate job offer. It is basically a job that will pay big and allow us to pay off debts. At the same time, I will be working only weekends, so there is lots of extra time left over to be building communities of faith (dare I call it church-planting? I had a bit of a falling out with that word) and pursuing the music stuff. We are well connected with friends there, and my buddy who offered the job is a radio DJ in Nagoya and plugged in to the music scene in Japan. So it all seems incredible. Whether it is debts, music, or community, this one answers all the questions in one fell swoop.

And the biggest way I know it is right is that Andrea is into it. She basically has done a 180 since this summer saying that there is no way she would be going back to Japan for years to come. But she feels like this is a perfect fit.

Looks like I will head over in November, come back for Christmas and then take the whole family over in January. I gotta get back into my Japanese language texts.

Oh, and the job.... I will be performing wedding ceremonies. Weddings in Japan are very big deals and they often want a westerner to perform a western ceremony. So that'll be me.

Thank you God to a great answer to a lot of prayers.